Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Marshmallow towers

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Construction

One cold rainy day my daughter decided she wanted to make some marshmallow towers. This experiment is in our Usborne 100 Science Experiments book.

This entertained her for HOURS!  It's of small cost (we went through two packs of marshmallows which we saved afterwards for those winter hot chocolates) and half a pack of spaghetti.

You will need:
  • Pack of spaghetti
  • Packs of marshmallows (we used 2 yet you can see the construction is huge)
How to:

Break the spaghetti into halves to make a cube.  Use two thirds of a piece to make a diagonal that makes the cube stronger.  Simply use the marshmallows as "joiners" for your spaghetti.  I showed Poppy how to make the first cube and then she was on her own from there.  The final structure covered our entire dining room table!

The construction phase

The first structure was small enough to fit on a place mat

The next structure grew and grew till it was all over the table and even down onto chairs!

Why not try this with your kids on a rainy day?


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