Saturday, 21 May 2016

Herve Tullet "Field of Flowers" Group Paintings

I'm loving the book "Art workshops for Children" by Herve Tullet.  If you think you have heard that name before, Herve wrote the book "Mix it up" which I did a lesson on last year (yet never wrote a post about it oops).

For our first lesson of Term 2, we had a big Painting Party, started by a group artwork following the directions in Herve's book for a field of flowers group painting.  This is a lot like doing a circle painting (which I love and have done several of these during class, at the school and at parties) however the children are given directions as you go.  It all can become a bit frenzied which the kids loved (one direction is to drop your paintbrush from a height to make a splotch).  As they worked the directions got faster and faster.

We painted these on some plywood at an outside table.  It was lots of fun!  Afterwards we went inside, played more painting games and painted to music.  I let the children use paint in any fashion they wanted (lots chose to finger paint - you are never too old!).

What a wonderful messy painting party it was!


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