Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mother's Day Presents 2016

OK I got a bit stuck with Mother's Day presents this year as we made some fab ceramic pendants yet I didn't get them fired in time.  So we went for my back up plan...

Homemade Terrariums with Homemade Polymer Clay Additions

I do love these and they are very easy to make!  Use one IKEA glass.  Just add pebbles (I love the silver ones I found) then a bit of charcoal and a bit of potting mix (I use specifically for succulents), add the plants (I just used succulent cuttings I got from my parents house - a v cheap option), a bit more gravel (optional) a few polymer clay additions and there you have it..... a super cool homemade terrarium..

Wire Ornaments with Homemade Polymer Clay Beads
Whist we were making our terrarium additions we also made some homemade polymer clay beads.  We threaded these onto some florist wire, added a few other beads and there you have it.....a super cool homemade beaded hanging ornament...

Watercolour Flowers Paintings 
Not all - yet some of the children also managed to produce a watercolour flowers painting for their mums... I forgot to photograph nearly all of them.  They could either produce flowers by themselves, flowers in a bunch or flowers in a vase....Here is one that I managed to capture for my Instagram account...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone! 



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